Wolfthorn Family

Mark Wolfthorn
The Wolfthorn family owned Barwick Park estate, between 1860-1930. Gordon Wolfthorn, who was a magistrate in the nearby town of Yeovil, originally brought the house but died a few years later from Cholera. After his death, the ownership of the house was passed to his widowed spouse, Margaret Wolfthorn. With the aid of relatives living in Newton Surmaville, Margaret was able to keep the house but only with the bare minimum of staff required to upkeep a building of its size.

Margaret and Gordon had one son, named John Wolfthorn. Little is known about this man, who disappeared in 1880 and never reappeared. We are hoping that the diary of Alfred Hobbs, who seemed to be the butler during this time, will shed light on this peculiar and intriguing mystery.

We have also been fortunate enough to find the descendant of the Wolfthorn lineage. Mark Wolfthorn, a history teacher who lives in Yeovil, will be sharing his knowledge and views on the Wolfthorn mystery and will update us with information of what happened after 1930.

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