About Alfred

The only remaining picture of Alfred Hobbs
Alfred Hobbs was a butler who lived in the 19th century. Beyond this, not much is known about the man. From what we have gathered from his belongings, we can deduce that he was a creative person, who enjoyed drawing and painting. Interestingly, he has a unique art style that points towards the movement of post impressionism within that time period, demonstrating that he was a man who kept up to date with the latest art styles, practising them in a recreational manner. Luckily, due to this interest, we have managed to restore a self portrait of Alfred, which roughly shows what he would have looked like. And due to the lack of photographs, this is the only image we have of the butler, which causes difficulty when determining his age. We estimate that he was in his mid 40s, but again this is just a rough estimate.

We are hoping to learn more about Alfred as we restore his diary entries and his other personal documents, allowing us to gain a better insight into both the time period and a life, long forgotten in history.

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